"Bicharafak Sar 3enna Club Committees!"

Bicharaf Clubs,

Following the highly successful Club Committees Workshop, you have now become qualified leaders capable of managing your individual Bicharaf school committees. We were greatly impressed by your enthusiasm and dedication in carrying out your assigned roles and leading your training sessions.

Work Ethics-Ethical Decision Making

On Saturday March 24, Dr. Tony Feghali introduced “Bicharaf”, the ethical leadership program, to students coming from diverse universities. In the workshop, he discussed many aspects of an ethical leadership program, such as women as ethical leaders, ethics in technology, and ethical leadership. The latter was one of his subject matters in which he highlighted the importance of ethics in leadership and decision making with its appropriate steps.

Marketing and Social Media Workshop Session

During the whole workshop, the Marketing and Social Media group was very enthusiastic and energetic.

The presentation took place in an OSB lab where all the students had access to a computer and had to open a twitter account, follow Bicharaf on twitter, and tweet about what was happening in the presentation.

Treasurer Workshop Session

The treasurer session was held by Rima Farhat who gave a general presentation explaining the basics of accounting. The session had about seven students from each school, as well as observers who expressed their interest in attending this session.

Reporters Workshop Session

The reporting team was a rather small one. About two students from each school joined— some replacing their absent peers, others out of curiosity. They all had one thing in common, though, and that was their interest in the field of reporting.

Presidents and Vice Presidents Workshop Session

The session started on an early Saturday morning in one of the classrooms at the business school at the American University of Beirut. Around 15 students walked into the room designated for a session for presidents and vice presidents of Bicharaf clubs at partner schools. The session consisted of a brief presentation explaining the precise roles of the students and giving them tips on how to be leaders and influence others.

Secretary Workshop Session

The Bicharaf Club secretary presentation went incredibly well. The attendees who were chosen to be secretaries looked forward to tackling the secretary job head on. The excitement of the club secretaries was remarkable. Rita Abou Jaoude and Reem Abi Ammar went through the presentation by first dividing the attendees into two groups.

Ethical Leadership Program Workshop Presentation

You can now download the presentations given during the Ethical Leadership Program workshop held at the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut. on March 24th 2012.

A Call for Faculty Ambassadors

In its first event during the academic 2011-2012, Bicharaf conducted a very successful Teachers’ Workshop on January the 19th at the Olayan School of Business at AUB.