Coming up... Bicharaf Clubs

Students Playing HeliumstickRare is a student’s opportunity to wake up early on a Saturday morning. With school pressure, afterschool activities, homework, and too many friendships to handle, it is no wonder teens are knocked out and snoozing as the dim lights announcing the weekend creep through their windows.

But this is not a sociology article, nor is this an article about students’ sleeping patterns. This is an article about a special brand of student. This is an article about the student who cares enough to skip the Saturday Z’s session to wake up and work on his/her future and that of his/her society as well. More specifically, this is an article about not only one, but over thirty students who took the time to make their way to the American University of Beirut’s Maamari Auditorium, on Saturday, February the 18th, for Bicharaf’s student workshop.

This workshop aimed at introducing the students to the Bicharaf concept, a notion of academic integrity and business ethics, and the organization’s aim toward an honest, cheat-free future. The workshop also brought up a relatively new aim of Bicharaf’s – a Bicharaf Club Committee in every attending school. This Club would take up the role of channeling Bicharaf into schools, and spreading its message, thus ensuring more honest generations to come. As Dr. Feghali stated as he elaborated this idea, “The aim of Bicharaf is to form ‘Good Leaders’.”

And so the workshop kick started. It was 9 a.m., and all seven attending schools were present. They began with an ice breaker, wherein the students were not allowed to pair up with their classmates, rather students from other schools, and with which they sat for the remaining part of the workshop. Soon after, Dr. Feghali gave a brief introduction on how and why Bicharaf came to be, and what it aimed for, explaining everything the organization has been working on to fulfill these goals. He claims there are 3 types of people: those who will not under any circumstance commit unethical actions, those who will in every situation commit unethical actions; together these two form 40%, and the remaining 60%, and those who stand in the middle ground, the ones Bicharaf is working on to make society a better place.

Dr. Feghali then gave the floor to Kinda, who initiated a debate between the students regarding a recent case where Zenon Yracheta accused Disney of stealing his film idea and developing it into Beverly Hills Chihuahua. This is where the students got to know the meaning of copyrights and patents.

Next, the students were given a break, after which they were told about the Bicharaf Club Committee. Kinda explained how a committee is generally organized between presidents, secretaries, treasurers, a marketing team, reporters, and social media representatives. The pupils were then requested to regroup and discuss their plan of action to open up such a club at their schools, a task to be completed by March 1st.

The students were then interviewed, thus concluding the workshop.

\It was a wrap that guaranteed the launch of ‘Operation: Spread Bicharaf in Schools’, and that of a series of other student workshops that would withhold a similar goal. The students returned home rather enthusiastically. As for the Bicharaf team, well, we await the Bicharaf Club Committee draft on March 1st. Until then, stay tuned!