AIS: Play Fair Day Activities

After the establishment of their Bicharaf club, Antonine International School decided to legitimize the experience by holding a full school day dedicated to spreading the ethical message. They called it Play Fair. And so it was.

It all started at 11 am. Elie Rahi, president of the club, welcomed the team and gave an overview of the day, while the rest of the club members set up. Forty-five minutes later, the middle- school students flooded the area and were divided into groups A and B. Group A headed to the theater for an introduction to the Bicharaf debate on ethical behavior, while group B went straight for the game site, where groups would compete on set stations. Once each was done with their activity, the teams would switch spots.
In the theater, the group would be shown strips of videos from The Emperor’s Club that were relevant to the Bicharaf integrity theme, after which the students would debate, give out their opinions, and share their experiences. “Does virtue start at home?” was the argument that stood out. It stirred a heated debate with several students stepping up, voicing their thoughts, and getting cheered on by their peers. The students finally agreed to disagree and respect one another’s opinions with some voicing neutrality, and others switching from one side to another.

Meanwhile, on the game course, teams played a set of games in which they had to race through five stations and try to win envelopes with blue letters in them. These letters would eventually form a word. The team that loses at a certain station would receive a black letter which would lead nowhere. The games included an obstacle course with a few hurdles, a 2/3 ping pong match, and a 3-lap relay. As the middle- schoolers enjoyed their time, team leaders would make sure all members participated equally and that there was no cheating going on. Some students struggled with the heat, but fellow team members cheered them on. In the end, Group A’s Blue Team and Group B’s orange team were the victors. The Social Media team was very active in covering the event and Tweeted every single detail with special help from A.I.S’s social media member, Sasha Haddad.

At the conclusion of A.I.S’s Play Fair Day the students were back in class and the Bicharaf team met with the school’s Bicharaf club to give and receive feedback. Although some decided not to participate, students reportedly enjoyed their time and understood the main concept or integrity and fair play especially through the games. Overall, feedback was positive, and a show of hands by the club members indicated a repeat of a similar event will be planned soon.

This has been yet another hit by Bicharaf. Stay tuned for more.