Presidents and Vice Presidents Workshop Session

The session started on an early Saturday morning in one of the classrooms at the business school at the American University of Beirut. Around 15 students walked into the room designated for a session for presidents and vice presidents of Bicharaf clubs at partner schools. The session consisted of a brief presentation explaining the precise roles of the students and giving them tips on how to be leaders and influence others. The presentation shed some light on the roles and responsibilities of the presidents and vice presidents of the club, in addition to the “how to’s” of their positions. The session also included a short game where students realized the importance of communication and how the leaders are responsible for keeping the club together. Not only was the game fun, but it brought students from different schools closer together and made them realize how essential their role is. These selected students expressed enthusiasm during the session and got excited to implement what they had learned and started planning activities. The session was full of energy and participation and our future Bicharaf leaders are eager to make a change in today’s society.

Secretary Workshop Session

The Bicharaf Club secretary presentation went incredibly well. The attendees who were chosen to be secretaries looked forward to tackling the secretary job head on. The excitement of the club secretaries was remarkable. Rita Abou Jaoude and Reem Abi Ammar went through the presentation by first dividing the attendees into two groups. After doing so, they asked the attendees to list the tasks, responsibilities, and necessary qualities of a good secretary and the attendees’ answers were spot on. Afterward, the presentation went through the specifics of the secretary’s job, such as taking meeting minutes, keeping club records, and establishing and amending club bylaws. Attendees got detailed explanations on the necessary steps to perform every task and were shown proper templates to be used. Many real life examples were used to highlight the possible issues a secretary would have to deal with, and when left to answer on their own, the attendees showed extraordinary imagination and sense of responsibility.


Ethical Leadership Program Workshop Presentation

You can now download the presentations given during the Ethical Leadership Program workshop held at the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut. on March 24th 2012.

Bicharaf Committees on the Go

Dear young Bicharafists!

I am addressing you, young Bicharafists in your schools! Whether members, or part of the Bicharaf committee, you are the new generation who dare challenge your environment.

You were very much enthusiastic leaving the first workshop to go talk to your friends and family about the New Bicharaf Clubs that will set sail in your schools. I know you have the power to make a difference around you, and this starts by making your friends believe in Bicharaf too. The more involved you will be, the greater impact you will have.

Many Bicharaf Clubs are blooming; all our hopes are resting on you to manage the activities and lead the Bicharaf Club in you school. The second workshop is coming up, to help you start and set-up in your own school. This workshop will be specialized to give you the tools and skills you will need to create and grow an active club. Bicharaf believes in you, our schools believe in you, your friends believe in you!

In all the activities that will be taking place at your school, whether small or big events, you are spreading the Bicharaf mission and club create a legacy for the future generations in your school.

Bicharaf Spring is on the way…we are ready to support you in all your events the question is are you ready?

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A Call for Faculty Ambassadors

In its first event during the academic 2011-2012, Bicharaf conducted a very successful Teachers’ Workshop on January the 19th at the Olayan School of Business at AUB. The Bicharaf team was well able to group representatives from eight different schools in Lebanon at the workshop: Al Allama Sobhi Al Mahmassani Public School, Antonine International School, College Saint-Georges Zalka, Eastwood College Kfarchima, Gibran Tweini Secondary Public School, Hermel Secondary Public School, Jesus and Mary, and Notre-Dame de Louaize.

The workshop began by a warm welcome of the attendees and an introduction of the Bicharaf team and the Bicharaf initiative of academic integrity steered by Dr. Tony Feghali. Next, Dr. Feghali lead a presentation where he announced Bicharaf’s mission and objectives to enhance and nurture a culture of academic integrity and business ethics among students, teachers, and administrators in Lebanon and the Arab world. Bicharaf’s past achievements were also highlighted during the workshop including the Leadership Camp that engaged more than 60 enthusiastic students from over 25 high schools across Lebanon. Bicharaf’s plan for the current year was also discussed and involved the introduction of a new idea: The Bicharaf Club. The club’s purpose, ways of implementation and activities were reviewed. The last point that Dr. Feghali addressed during his presentation was the very important role that the school representatives and teachers had in supporting the Bicharaf plan

A very productive discussion occurred between the attendees of the workshop and the Bicharaf team after the presentation where some teachers expressed the importance of the Bicharaf initiative and its potential impact and the importance of working with teachers to ensure a better understanding of all what Bicharaf advocates. Also, dates were set to make Bicharaf’s upcoming Students’ Workshop a success.

Our Bicharaf website was also a “hot topic” during the workshop. It’s where you can get all the information you need about Bicharaf, and it’s where schools and students can keep in touch with the Bicharaf team.