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Recruiting Ethical Employees

While more and more work is being done in the field of managing employee ethics within companies, less discussed is the issue of how to use the hiring process to recruit ethical employees. According to the Business Rountable's Institute for Corporate Ethics, recent research shows that only one in 20 corporate recruiters include ethics inquiries when interviewing job candidates. In addition, recruiters report that a rising number of job applicants act unethically during the interview process, such as embellishing a résumé or reneging on a job offer.

Situational VS Global Ethics

Situational VS Global Ethics“When in Lebanon, do as Lebanese do” and “When in Rome, do as Romans do” are examples of Situational Ethics. In other words, follow the local practices. Others argue that each company must have a standardized code of ethics wherever this corporation operates. But can a company function with the same set of principles in their home land and abroad? As businesses are becoming increasingly global, this ethics debate is intensified. For example, company XYZ is centered in an industrial country but also...

Our 15 minutes, Bicharaf-style

Work at Bicharaf seems to bring it all together. Learning, working and enjoying companionship just doesn’t seem to cut it--a new idea has popped out, and now a new learning process has started. We decided to have each one of us prepare an exciting and educational topic for discussion once a week. With no boundaries to limit our ideas and only our dazzling minds to guide the process, we agreed to start the very next day.

Skill building at Bicharaf

It has been two exciting summer months at Bicharaf. The hot weather hasn't stopped us from performing at our best. The team members meet once every week to update each other on their week's activities, and to set new targets for the week after. Being students, we yearn for knowledge. Our mission remains unchanged, but our responsibilities and tasks are continuously updated as we extend our thoughts and learn more about Bicharaf and how to make the best out of it.

Facing the reality of piracy

An interesting article from the Economist shows how companies have had to face the reality of global intellectual property piracy. In a recent book, “The Pirate’s Dilemma”, Matt Mason argues that “the best way to profit from pirates is to copy them.” Here are some examples of just that.

Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism

If your knowledge about Plagiarism is still a little fuzzy, click here to gain some more insight. This great web page offers examples of Plagiarism and corresponding corrections. It also highlights some common pitfalls students get into when attempting to paraphrase and teaches you how to avoid them.

Piracy Continues to Harm Lebanese and Other Middle Eastern Economies

This article provides figures of actual monetary losses that were incurred in 2007 due to Piracy in Lebanon and the Middle East region. Click here to read it and get some insight on the very tangible harm that Piracy is responsible for.