The Role of Ethics in the Current Financial Crisis

Financial CrisisThe current financial crisis has been a hot topic for conversation for the past two months. While the topic's prevalence in the media, academia, and government is unmistakable, the issue is most often discussed in technical, financial terms. It is not often that we hear the series of events leading to the crisis and the consequent government bailouts explained from an ethics point of view. Therefore it was refreshing to find this article by Chuck Gallagher, which deems some bank practices to be unethical. Such practices include the bad loans made...

Ethical Decision Making in Business

Read this article to gain insight into the four different frameworks for ethical decision making. You might find one approach more appealing than others and internalize it as your decision making mechanism for all ethical situations, or you might decide to use the approaches interchangeably for different situations.

What's new with Bicharaf this summer?

The summer of 2008 started with the launching of Bicharaf’s new project, Business Ethics. It was the best start to keep the team members enthusiastic and motivated towards achieving the project’s goals. With a target of partnering with around 100 corporations, each member concentrated on finishing his/her tasks and responsibilities on time. Team work is always needed to collaborate among members and facilitate the work. The technical team is required to update the website, help publish new articles, make sure the format of the emails and documents is set...