Bicharaf Loves Teachers!

Bicharaf held its third teachers’ workshop of the year on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 at the American University of Beirut. Eager teachers from 10 partner schools showed up and were greeted by Bicharaf’s founders and team. The three-hour session was kicked off with scrumptious finger foods and ice-breaking chit chat before the teachers took their seats at tables bearing Bicharaf items for their use. Dr. Feghali started off by briefly introducing Bicharaf, its mission, and its progress over the years.

Technology as a Tool for Cheating

Technology's numerous benefits to society did not come without a price. This article serves as an alert that technology is being abused by students for cheating on exams and assignments, and attempts to give some solutions and preventive measures to this growing problem.

Teachers' Workshop in Zahle

On Thursday, March 27th, 2008, Bicharaf held a regional teachers’ workshop in Bekaa’s capital city, Zahle. Almost 60 school teachers from 18 schools in the Bekaa region gathered in the auditorium of the Evangelical Secondary School (ESS) of Zahle. Principal of ESS, Dr. Sami Samra, had invited teachers from neighboring schools to take part in this event. 

Teachers' Workshop

On the 11th of March, the Bicharaf team welcomed teachers from the following schools for a workshop on academic integrity: Ahlia School , Brummana High School, International School of Koura, Levon and Sophia Hagopian Armenian College, Montana International College, Saint Joseph School, and Universal School of Lebanon.

10 Principles of Academic Integrity

 Tips and principles to help teachers promote academic integrity in the classroom.

1. Affirm the importance of academic integrity.

Institutions of higher education are dedicated to the pursuit of truth. Faculty members need to affirm that the pursuit of truth is grounded in certain core values, including diligence, civility, and honesty.