Cheating Your Integrity

For students facing exams several times a week, how do they deal with the fact that they might not do well on a test, knowing they will have to face their parents about it? Knowing that their grades could be greatly affected?  Unfortunately, a great number of students resort to cheating, thinking that that cheating is a cheap and easy way to get around not being prepared for an exam.

Plagiarism in the Publishing Industry

You’d think people- especially those in the limelight- would learn not to plagiarize after hearing about plagiarism scandals such as the one concerning the U.S President’s aide ( blogged by us on . The following are two newsworthy articles concerning similar allegations.

Plagiarism in the White House

 Plagiarism is a very serious crime punishable by serious consequences, that not even the U.S president's special assistant is exempt from. The U.S aide chose to write some newspaper essays the "easy way" by plagiarizing. Ironically, this made his life very hard. His shattered career and bad reputation can certainly attest to that.