Catch Me If You Can

Flipping through the channels on my TV, I came across a movie that caught my attention. The movie was called “Catch Me If You Can” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It was such an interesting movie because the main character behaved in unethical ways that many of us find disturbing. DiCaprio plays Frank Abignale Jr., a teenager whose life is ruined after his parents decide to get a divorce. He runs away from home to avoid taking the decision of which parent he would live with.

Cheating: “It’s just not a big deal.”

Even though they find cheating an unethical means to achieve their goals, for many students, cheating just “isn’t a big deal” to them.  Cheating is unfortunately becoming the norm, and not studying is quickly becoming a popular trend among students. Preventing students from cheating is one issue, and knowing why cheaters cheat is another...

Exam Theft on Campus

Just one night before her midterm, a distressed stu­dent at the social sciences department checked her in­box and miraculously found a copy of her long await­ed exam. Salma download­ed the document and tried to crack it, but eventually gave up on the bootleg document and went to sleep, hoping for a miracle to come her way in the exam hall.

Cheating Your Integrity

For students facing exams several times a week, how do they deal with the fact that they might not do well on a test, knowing they will have to face their parents about it? Knowing that their grades could be greatly affected?  Unfortunately, a great number of students resort to cheating, thinking that that cheating is a cheap and easy way to get around not being prepared for an exam.

GMAT Cheating Scandal

Banner GMATThe Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) declared that undergraduates were caught cheating on the GMAT, a standardized test most top business schools require. At the beginning, more than 6000 students were suspected to have cheated in one of the biggest scandals that have shook the business school world. The potential MBA students were part of; a site that prepares students for test, but the site’s crime was that it posted live GMAT questions exactly as the ones which appeared in the test. In Other words, the site was the...

What's the Deal with Cheating?

This is a rich article which sheds light on what students consider as cheating, why they cheat, and inculdes some possible solutions. Also included are some interesting statistics and people's experiences and opinions. Click here to read 'The Philosophy of Cheating.'

Technology as a Tool for Cheating

Technology's numerous benefits to society did not come without a price. This article serves as an alert that technology is being abused by students for cheating on exams and assignments, and attempts to give some solutions and preventive measures to this growing problem.

How to Stop Cheating

 Resolve to stop cheating today! Believe it or not, it is possible to get through school/college through your own effort. In fact, by cheating, you merely "get by" while by studying and learning, you can enrich your academic experience and thus, your life.