Plagiarism in the White House

 Plagiarism is a very serious crime punishable by serious consequences, that not even the U.S president's special assistant is exempt from. The U.S aide chose to write some newspaper essays the "easy way" by plagiarizing. Ironically, this made his life very hard. His shattered career and bad reputation can certainly attest to that.

Bicharaf Book Exchange

At the beginning of each semester, many university students seek to buy used textbooks. To them, original ones are thought to be too expensive, and photocopies unpleasant or unethical. Unfortunately, in most cases, such students have no systematic way of locating the used textbooks they need. Most of them ask around randomly; some try their luck at bookstores. 

How to Stop Cheating

 Resolve to stop cheating today! Believe it or not, it is possible to get through school/college through your own effort. In fact, by cheating, you merely "get by" while by studying and learning, you can enrich your academic experience and thus, your life.

Research and Develoment Meeting

Last Wednesday (February13th), Bicharaf's Research and Development Team met with Dr. E. Feghali (our e-marketing advisor). Important issues regarding the new Bicharaf blog, the Bicharaf website, and online visibility were discussed. Team members gained a better understanding of what they should be doing to help Bicharaf reach current set objectives about these aspects, enabling them them to spread Bicharaf's message of ethics and integrity to a larger audience in Lebanon and the rest of the Arab world.

Welcome to the Bicharaf Blog!

 Hi Everyone! The Bicharaf team is very excited to be launching its own blog...we hope you are too! This will be an interactive tool that we will constantly update. We look forward to seeing your comments on issues that matter to you.

What's new with Bicharaf this summer?

The summer of 2008 started with the launching of Bicharaf’s new project, Business Ethics. It was the best start to keep the team members enthusiastic and motivated towards achieving the project’s goals. With a target of partnering with around 100 corporations, each member concentrated on finishing his/her tasks and responsibilities on time. Team work is always needed to collaborate among members and facilitate the work. The technical team is required to update the website, help publish new articles, make sure the format of the emails and documents is set...

10 Principles of Academic Integrity

 Tips and principles to help teachers promote academic integrity in the classroom.

1. Affirm the importance of academic integrity.

Institutions of higher education are dedicated to the pursuit of truth. Faculty members need to affirm that the pursuit of truth is grounded in certain core values, including diligence, civility, and honesty.