Finders Keepers?

What would you do if you found a bag full of cash on the street? Before you start reciting your list of 'Things to Do and Buy', take an objective look at the situation likeEli Estrada did.

Harry Potter: Intellectual Property?

Issues concerning intellectual property are not always so cut and dried. An example of one such blurry situation is the current court battle involving Harry Potter author JK Rowley's claims against Steve Vander Ark's upcoming Harry Potter lexicon.

Teachers' Workshop in Zahle

On Thursday, March 27th, 2008, Bicharaf held a regional teachers’ workshop in Bekaa’s capital city, Zahle. Almost 60 school teachers from 18 schools in the Bekaa region gathered in the auditorium of the Evangelical Secondary School (ESS) of Zahle. Principal of ESS, Dr. Sami Samra, had invited teachers from neighboring schools to take part in this event. 

Plagiarism in the Publishing Industry

You’d think people- especially those in the limelight- would learn not to plagiarize after hearing about plagiarism scandals such as the one concerning the U.S President’s aide ( blogged by us on . The following are two newsworthy articles concerning similar allegations.

The Internet and Academic Integrity

Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, or someone who is interested in academic integrity issues, you should read this insightful article entitled: ‘The Impact of the Internet on our Moral Lives in Academia’. The writer basically provides a simple explanation as to why the advent of the internet has wreaked havoc in our moral lives when it comes to academic integrity. To read the article, click here.

Ethical Decision Making in Business

Read this article to gain insight into the four different frameworks for ethical decision making. You might find one approach more appealing than others and internalize it as your decision making mechanism for all ethical situations, or you might decide to use the approaches interchangeably for different situations.

Teachers' Workshop

On the 11th of March, the Bicharaf team welcomed teachers from the following schools for a workshop on academic integrity: Ahlia School , Brummana High School, International School of Koura, Levon and Sophia Hagopian Armenian College, Montana International College, Saint Joseph School, and Universal School of Lebanon.

Bicharaf at Work

Where is the best place for a student to get a part time job? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Well, I have and the answer is: “Bicharaf”. Nearly all the employees at Bicharaf are college students; each an expert in his/her field. We come to work everyday not because we have to, but because we feel strongly about the cause we are working for.

Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism

If your knowledge about Plagiarism is still a little fuzzy, click here to gain some more insight. This great web page offers examples of Plagiarism and corresponding corrections. It also highlights some common pitfalls students get into when attempting to paraphrase and teaches you how to avoid them.

Piracy Continues to Harm Lebanese and Other Middle Eastern Economies

This article provides figures of actual monetary losses that were incurred in 2007 due to Piracy in Lebanon and the Middle East region. Click here to read it and get some insight on the very tangible harm that Piracy is responsible for.