Our 15 minutes, Bicharaf-style

Work at Bicharaf seems to bring it all together. Learning, working and enjoying companionship just doesn’t seem to cut it--a new idea has popped out, and now a new learning process has started. We decided to have each one of us prepare an exciting and educational topic for discussion once a week. With no boundaries to limit our ideas and only our dazzling minds to guide the process, we agreed to start the very next day.

Ethics and corporate responsibility primary concern amongst Thai managers: poll

A recent poll conducted by the Thailand Corporate Excellence Survey shows that ethics is the primary concern amongst Thai business executives. The survey found that 40% of respondents were concerned about business ethics or corporate responsibility, up from 32% in the 2006 survey, ahead of other concerns such as environmental responsibility (30%) and sufficiency (13%).

Skill building at Bicharaf

It has been two exciting summer months at Bicharaf. The hot weather hasn't stopped us from performing at our best. The team members meet once every week to update each other on their week's activities, and to set new targets for the week after. Being students, we yearn for knowledge. Our mission remains unchanged, but our responsibilities and tasks are continuously updated as we extend our thoughts and learn more about Bicharaf and how to make the best out of it.

Staff trip to Jbeil

A month of Bicharaf’s activities have passed, and the team members have been getting better acquainted with each other. So far, working hard on daily basis has not stopped us from connecting and learning more about each other. But something was still missing, and there was a need for that extra step towards creating a stronger team. And that’s when it was set, AN OUTING, away from Bicharaf’s offices, away from the computers, from the papers, from the phone calls, and only with the team members’ spirits to head along.

Facing the reality of piracy

An interesting article from the Economist shows how companies have had to face the reality of global intellectual property piracy. In a recent book, “The Pirate’s Dilemma”, Matt Mason argues that “the best way to profit from pirates is to copy them.” Here are some examples of just that.

The Antonine Sisters School Campaign

On Friday the 16th of May 2008, when almost everyone in Lebanon was glued to the TV news, the Bicharaf team strove to remain productive and visited the Antonine Sisters School in Ghazir. This constituted the only school campaign for this year, and so the team was very excited and enthusiastic.

We started by distributing the deliverables (booklet, cups, pen…) and then introduced Bicharaf, its team members, and our goal from visiting the school. Following the introduction, issues such as cheating, plagiarism, piracy, and copyright...

Honor Codes and Peer Pressure: A Winning Combination?

The article entitled 'Honesty and Honor Codes' discusses the role of university honor codes in mitigating academic dishonesty among its students. The concept of peer pressure as a cheating deterrent is also pointed out several times.

Bicharaf Loves Teachers!

Bicharaf held its third teachers’ workshop of the year on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 at the American University of Beirut. Eager teachers from 10 partner schools showed up and were greeted by Bicharaf’s founders and team. The three-hour session was kicked off with scrumptious finger foods and ice-breaking chit chat before the teachers took their seats at tables bearing Bicharaf items for their use. Dr. Feghali started off by briefly introducing Bicharaf, its mission, and its progress over the years.

What's the Deal with Cheating?

This is a rich article which sheds light on what students consider as cheating, why they cheat, and inculdes some possible solutions. Also included are some interesting statistics and people's experiences and opinions. Click here to read 'The Philosophy of Cheating.'

Technology as a Tool for Cheating

Technology's numerous benefits to society did not come without a price. This article serves as an alert that technology is being abused by students for cheating on exams and assignments, and attempts to give some solutions and preventive measures to this growing problem.