A Guided Guide

SMECThe 2008 Science and Mathematics Education Conference (SMEC) at AUB was  being announced, along with a call for volunteering students to  participate as guides in the event. Coming from a family involved in the  field of education, I thought it would be an interesting experience to  be part of SMEC, so I signed up as a guide, not knowing that in this  experience, I was to be guided instead.  Part of my job was to  attend workshop sessions, making sure that all technical matters were  under control. Sitting at the side of the classroom, I witnessed the  deliverance of a wholehearted message from Bicharaf (“With Honor”),  where the session addressed a crucial topic which I sadly thought no  longer impacted many people’s thoughts and actions. But Bicharaf was  there, reassuring me that academic integrity and ethics did not die, and  that it is we (you and I) who should revive them and keep them going.  Towards  the end of the workshop session, I was as shocked as I was pleased to  know that an organization like Bicharaf existed. From there, I was  determined to join this enthusiastic team in willingly working for a  good cause.  At a time when getting away with academic dishonesty  has become an easy task, and competition among students has fueled the  need to cheat and plagiarize, Bicharaf’s efforts are directed at  increasing students’ awareness by educating them of the consequences  behind dishonesty and encouraging them towards honest behavior. More  importantly, however, I believe that Bicharaf is there to revive and  instill ethical principles in our community, whereby each and every  individual shall willingly think and behave “With Honor”.