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Cheating: “It’s just not a big deal.”

Even though they find cheating an unethical means to achieve their goals, for many students, cheating just “isn’t a big deal” to them.  Cheating is unfortunately becoming the norm, and not studying is quickly becoming a popular trend among students. Preventing students from cheating is one issue, and knowing why cheaters cheat is another...

Exam Theft on Campus

Just one night before her midterm, a distressed stu­dent at the social sciences department checked her in­box and miraculously found a copy of her long await­ed exam. Salma download­ed the document and tried to crack it, but eventually gave up on the bootleg document and went to sleep, hoping for a miracle to come her way in the exam hall.

Cheating Your Integrity

For students facing exams several times a week, how do they deal with the fact that they might not do well on a test, knowing they will have to face their parents about it? Knowing that their grades could be greatly affected?  Unfortunately, a great number of students resort to cheating, thinking that that cheating is a cheap and easy way to get around not being prepared for an exam.

"Can't wait for my next visits..."

I did not regret skipping one day of my Fall Semester reading period to live this extraordinary experience. On January 20th, 2011, I went on my first visit to schools to Lycee Amchit, where the students were so enthusiastic about the topic, that we were able to carry out further discussions. They even skipped their break to continue the debate.


A Guided Guide

SMECThe 2008 Science and Mathematics Education Conference (SMEC) at AUB was  being announced, along with a call for volunteering students to  participate as guides in the event. Coming from a family involved in the  field of education, I thought it would be an interesting experience to  be part of SMEC, so I signed up as a guide, not knowing that in this  experience, I was to be guided instead.  Part of my job was to  attend workshop sessions, making sure that all technical matters were  under control. Sitting at the side of the classroom, I witnessed the...

The Ethics of IT

Ethics Teamwork Technology StorytellingFollowing the exceedingly publicized Enron scandal, legislative reforms, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, have been undertaken as a response to the public uproar over corporate corruption. Even though the Sarbanes-Oxley Act underlines the rules to be followed in the post-Enron era, “it’s still up to the CIO to embrace and champion the new IT and corporate ethics" as Gartner INC. analyst Joe Bace says. According to Lisa Ferri, author of the article in question, IT ethics are not only a necessity – even obligation – but they are also key ingredients...

Ethical Awareness Inventory (EAI)

Ethical Awareness Inventory (EAI)Given that every one individual possesses a different viewpoint of what is right and what is wrong, it is imperative for a person to realize with which perspective he/she is dealing. The Ethics Awareness Inventory program completes the mentioned goal in that it can evaluate one’s ethical style via asking a series of questions, evaluating the answers, and eventually revealing the type of ethical person one is. Despite the fact that results vary from one to the other, the majority of people base their ethical views on four perspectives: character, obligation, results, and equity...

Ethical Franchising

Ethical FranchisingBusiness franchising occurs when a company agrees to or authorizes the sale of its goods and services in a certain manner to interested buyers. Franchising is a good and sound idea because buying a proven business formula grants the franchisee with a competitive advantage in the sense that he/she will learn from the success of others.

The challenges or obstacles begin when trying to explore the innumerable possibilities. A franchisee must not focus solely on finding the one that best fits his/her needs or lifestyles, but rather address the issue of ethics surrounding...

Bicharaf to head to Dar Jana, KSA

Bicharaf to head to Dar Jana, KSAThe Dar Jana International School in Jeddah, KSA, has recently invited the Bicharaf team to conduct sessions for their teachers and students. Bicharaf team members will be present at the school on May 5 through 7. Bicharaf will conduct workshops for students to promote academic integrity and work to foster an ethical environment.
Representatives from the school were introduced to Bicharaf during the last SMEC conference, in which they expressed their admiration for the Bicharaf initiative and invited the team to Jeddah to hold workshops.

Bicharaf takes part in 3rd Annual ICTD Conference in Qatar

Bicharaf at ICTD 2009Bicharaf attended the 3rd Annual International Conference on Information and Communications Technologies and Development (ICTD) held at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar on April 17 through 19. The ICTD conference highlighted the importance of technology and its usability in developing societies. The conference presented research and demos by many organizations on how to utilize technology for development. According to Carnegie Mellon Qatar’s official website “ICTD is the premiere conference for innovating technology accessible and relevant...